Yunnan Pu'er tea output exceeded 10 billion mark for the first time

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  According to the newspaper (reporter Zhang Xinyin Zeng Yangsheng) recently, the Yunnan Tea Circulation Association 2014 member of the General Assembly and the sixth bimonthly activity day, held in Kunming. Activities in the learning, communication, heritage, innovation for the purpose, summed up the work of 2014, the deployment of arrangements for next year's work, in recognition of the advanced enterprises and individuals, for the director of the above unit award, the Advisory Committee of Experts appointed letter of appointment, held a "transformation and upgrading and Brand development "forum.

  The conference by the Yunnan Xishuangbanna ancient tea Tea Co., Ltd. (Long Park No.) contractors. Yunnan Tea Association, Yunnan Tea Association, Yunnan Tea Association, Yunnan Provincial Department of Commerce, Yunnan Provincial Department of Agriculture, Yunnan Provincial Association for Science and Technology, Yunnan Provincial Tea Association, Yunnan National Tea Culture Research Association And tea circulation of all members of the Advisory Committee of experts in Kunming members and invited guests a total of more than 200 people attended the meeting.

  Yunnan Provincial Department of Agriculture Deputy Director Wang Pinghua introduced at the meeting, the province's first breakthrough in the output value of 10 billion yuan Pu'er tea. This year, the tea market in the country in the doldrums, Pu'er tea production and sales there have been steady growth in the good momentum. According to Wang Pinghua introduced this year, Yunnan Pu'er tea production was 114,300 tons, an increase of 17,100 tons, the output value reached 10.132 billion yuan for the first time, Pu'er tea average price of 88.64 yuan per kilogram, an increase over last year. Famous tea prices rose 30% -50% last year.

  At the meeting, the former vice governor of Yunnan Province, the former vice chairman of the CPPCC provincial tea circulation Association President Chen Xunru summed up the work of the Association in 2014, and the 2015 work plan for reporting. Chen Xunru said that under the new situation, the development of tea industry is shifting from high-speed growth to medium-speed growth, and the development mode is shifting from scale-based extensive growth to quality-intensive intensive growth, and the industrial structure is shifting from incremental expansion to adjustment of stock , Do the amount of coexistence of the depth adjustment of tea, tea business development momentum is from the traditional growth point to a new growth point. Product structure changes to accelerate, new products become a new growth point. Tea product structure is moving towards high-quality, organic, characteristics, quality and cheap direction, the overall structure of continuous optimization. He stressed that the Association to seize the opportunity to actively use the current capital market investment in Yunnan tea industry enthusiasm to ensure the healthy and sustainable development of Yunnan tea industry as the starting point to the transaction flow as a breakthrough in order to solve the pricing power and financing as the starting point, Speed ​​up the establishment of Yunnan tea trading center, through the introduction of various types of social capital norms, controllable market, the use of the power of capital to promote the healthy development of Yunnan tea industry. In the future, the association should create conditions Baotuan exhibitors, the formation of scale, with the scale effect, improve the social awareness of cloud tea, reputation and market share.

  Ancient tea tree is the rare and precious resource of Yunnan tea. It has high economic value, scientific research value and cultural value. Protecting ancient tea tree is an important work in the development of Yunnan tea industry. The status quo of ancient tea for the protection of ineffective, serious damage, the current remaining more than 20 million mu. Because of its price-driven by the interests of farmers over-fertilization, excessive or even destructive picking, tea plantation by overseas contractors over-development, destroyed the original ecological environment. Through the establishment of conservation projects, the Association will mobilize social forces to participate in the protection of these rare resources can not be copied to protect. Next year will accelerate the preparation of the establishment of Yunnan tea trading center, to build the ancient tea tree protection fund, through public offering, private equity funds, etc. to carry out protection to provide financial support.

  This year, the Tea Circulation Association focused on the "circulation" and work hard around the "circulation" to carry out activities. Association and the Provincial Tea Office jointly organized members to actively participate in national and inter-provincial tea activities. In January, Chengdu Dragon and Tea City and Sichuan Tea Culture Association jointly organized the "comedian into the dragon and" activities; held in Kunming in May the ninth China Yunnan Pu'er Tea International Expo Fair, held in Ningbo in 2014 the country Spring tea production and marketing situation analysis and the National Association of tea industry associations. Held in Xi'an in June of the Eighth China International Tea Fair in Xi'an, IO month in Guangxi Wuzhou held the tenth annual meeting of China's tea industry, held in November in Fujian, "the Eighth Cross-Strait Tea Expo" December in Shenzhen at the Ninth China (Shenzhen) International Industry Fair. In the Menghai of Xishuangbanna to participate in tea tea tea market opening ceremony in Chengdu Strait Chacheng held the "second session of the Western China Strait Tea Culture Festival" activities and the Chengdu Long and Tea City held the "Southwest First Tea Purchasing Conference" Went to Chengdu to participate in tea and Sichuan Tea Association, the establishment of the flow of the celebration, etc., each event are fully demonstrated Yuncha industry characteristics and advantages.

  This year's member companies to participate in national sales activities of more than 200 people, and achieved good results. Through the exhibition participants, for members of research and study, exchange of experience, friendships, open up the market provides opportunities and conditions, but also promote the circulation of tea. The president also personally led to the tea market in Guangdong Fangcun on-site visits and tea with the Guangdong Provincial Association of leadership on the status and future of Pu'er tea, how to further develop the market and strengthen cooperation between Guangdong and Guangdong tea cooperation and interaction between the depth of the exchange Discussion.

  "Transformation and upgrading and brand development," the forum, Yunnan Xishuangbanna ancient tea Tea Co., Ltd. Vice Chairman Li Chaokang, Kunming, Yunnan Wei Sheng tea industry chairman Zhang Mingchun, Yunnan tea tea company chairman Hu Hao Ming, Yunnan six tea tea The company's strategic director Zhao Qing, Menghai Chen Sheng tea industry general manager Chen Liu Bin five entrepreneurs, from the enterprise development as the entry point for the site members to share the tea industry transformation and upgrading and brand development experience.

  In addition, Yunnan Long Run Tea Group Co., Ltd., Yunnan Dianhong Group Co., Ltd., Menghai Chen Sheng Tea Co., Ltd. and other nine enterprises were "2014 China's tea industry comprehensive strength of the top 100 enterprises," Wei Sheng Tea Co., Was named "2014 China's tea industry, the most national cultural characteristics of the brand," Wei-Sheng Tea Co., Ltd., Kunming, chairman Zhang Mingchun was named "2014 Ten Outstanding Contribution to the international tea."

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