"Chen tea Kam Road" allows you to experience the Internet + era of tea life

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  Today, the 10th China (Shenzhen) International Tea Industry Expo and purple sand, ceramics, tea supplies exhibition opened in Shenzhen Tea Expo the next day, fighting in mind, "Chen Cha Kam Road," the launching ceremony will be in the Tea Expo Center Stage To carry out, it will be fighting to remember to open the Pu'er tea drink the first step in the era.

  In this bucket of mind, "Chen tea Kam Road," the launch ceremony, ladies will be the first time, a tea-viewing of a dedicated tea APP - "tea notes APP" powerful features. Because the function is too strong, want to learn the pro, only to go to the stand in mind, in order to obtain on-site free teaching time.

  July 3, Shenzhen Tea Expo Center stage, precipitation 8 years of fighting in mind, will invite you to witness the next 10 years of wonderful. Fighting in mind the next series of big moves, will be in the "Chen Cha Kam Road" on the launch ceremony 11 announced.

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