Shenzhen first domestic Pu'er tea third-party trading platform into the industry benchmark

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  June 27, at the Shenzhen United Assets and Equity Exchange, located at the fourth floor of the World Trade Center Plaza, Futian District, Shenzhen, jointly organized by Shenzhen Qianhai Chuangke Tea Co., Ltd., Shenzhen United Assets and Equity Exchange and Yunnan Zaidao Tea Co., Of the "Man Song Gong Tea" tasting will be just 90 minutes after the end of the scene on the sale of 282 sets of Man Song Gong tea, breaking the amount of 10 million yuan of transactions.

  The only remaining 327 trees Man Song Gong tea trees so that the people crazy

  It is understood that in history, Man Song Gong tea in the Qing Dynasty tribute tea on the list of champion, but also to Yunnan Pu'er tea reached the most glorious period. In 1963, the National Palace Museum found the head of Gonggua tea is from the Manchurian Pu'er Gong tea, become the only living tribute tea. Only behind the war, deforestation and other damage, Man Song Gong tea production is scarce, especially the ancient tree Man Song Gong tea remaining 327 listed protection.

  Mansungong tea financial products planners - Shenzhen, a former chairman of the sea, a sea Zhongyong Yong is a taste of tea demanding people. When I talked about my tea - searching experience, I said, "I think this is the tea I want from Chase Ban, Iceland, Menthol, to Mandrosong.

  Has been deep plowing Man Song region of the Yunnan Tea Road, president of Li Wei, told reporters that the mouth has been circulating in the tea, "Mandongong Gongcha a bubble hard to find," saying, which highlights its scarcity and historical value, Man Song Gu Gong tea is now only 327 trees, its value should be equivalent to Wuyi cliffs on the three mother tree Dahongpao, the same as the Shifeng foot of the 18 Longjing.

  In the tasting sale will be on-site, China Tea Association, said Professor Liu Zhonghua, vice chairman of the anti-aging research in Pu'er tea found that tea contains catechins and caffeine, amino acid ratio, for the anti-aging have a significant effect . In the six major tea category, in lowering blood lipids, blood sugar and anti-aging, etc., the effectiveness of Pu'er tea is more unique.

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