Sri Lanka Tea Board Chairman Srikantar

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  "This year's South Fair, Sri Lanka, a total of more than 80 exhibitors tea, the effect is very good.This shows that more and more Chinese people fell in love with Sri Lanka tea, we are increasing efforts to promote black tea in China now we have in Beijing Opened the office, the next step we may be in Shanghai, Guangzhou and Kunming and other cities to set up offices. "Yesterday morning, the Sri Lanka Tea Board Chairman Srikantar to see the Yunnan Daily News Group" South Gu Si Lu · Radiation New Center "full media interview group enthusiastically introduced.

  Sri Lanka is the world's third largest tea producing country, tea is the country's largest industry. Sri Lanka said: "Our Tea Bureau's job responsibilities, first, to promote Sri Lanka to foreign tea, and the other is to develop policies and regulations to promote the development of black tea industry.We want to sell more and better tea to China, Yunnan, also hope that the business sector in Yunnan through bilateral trade talks and other ways to promote cooperation, so that Sri Lanka 's tea with the' all the way 'from Yunnan to sell more places.

  Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka annual tea production of 3.4 billion kilograms, 90% of exports to the rest of the world, mainly exported to Russia and the Middle East countries. China is also one of the 25 important tea markets overseas. "Last year the consumption of Chinese black tea was increasing, and a large part of it was Sri Lanka black tea," he said.

  When asked about Yunnan is also producing tea province, there are highly competitive enterprises, whether taking into account the Yunnan to find partners, Sri Lanka said: "Sri Lanka has a history of tea, brand, quality, tea prices have been Are higher than the average price of the international market.Yunnan to red-based tea, Sri Lanka to broken tea-based, there are different target markets.We have no direct competition in Yunnan, but because the two sides have their own products, each other Added, to carry out good cooperation, we will be able to better meet different consumer demand. "He said that the current Sri Lanka tea enterprises and Yunnan tea prices only Yi Diya cultivation company and the Yunnan Red Group carried out cooperation. But with the Sri Lanka tea is recognized by the Chinese market, I believe there will be more tea enterprises to China, to carry out cooperation in Yunnan.

  Sri Lanka said: "During the South Fair, exhibitors brought back the tea business information so that we feel the need to take a look at Yunnan, because the cooperation between the two sides is very large.Yunnan tea did not do more intensive processing, Can learn from the experience of Sri Lanka. "Indeed, the interview group to Kandy City, Jiala Gama company understands that, as Lipton black tea raw material base, the company can use different parts of fresh leaves to produce high, medium and low-grade different quality 9 kinds of tea, deep processing of products sold well for the enterprise to create a substantial income.

  "Sri Lanka and Yunnan have similar climate and natural environment, and we all love tea, so the cooperation between Yunnan and Sri Lanka will be more promising," said Srikantar, confident in the future development of bilateral cooperation.

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