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Company Culture

  "Quality determines success or failure, culture dominates the future" is the six Dasan company's corporate philosophy, and strive to build their own corporate culture healthy, positive, self-contained cultural character, so that every employee consciously armed with corporate culture To produce a high degree of consumer recognition with six corporate culture Chashan imprint of high-quality Pu'er tea. The corporate culture of the six Dasan companies is not empty, mere formality, but through the internal training, corporate newspaper (monthly), the company's Web site, all kinds of media publicity to employees, customers, consumer business concept and culture.

  Through the inward output of corporate culture, so that employees in the production, work and other practices in the course of strict implementation of norms of corporate culture, improve productivity and employee loyalty, to create a lean, strong execution team. The corporate culture of export, so that customers, consumers of the company's philosophy, culture, products and people a high degree of recognition, the company has a group of loyal consumers, and this culture is still in constant transmission and development. A mature corporate culture will lead the company to a further, a better future.