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Chairman Introduction

   Ruan Dianrong, 1968 was born in Yunnan Zhaotong, Hui, assistant engineer, graduated from the Yunnan Political Science and Law School of Law and Southwest University of Political Science and Law graduate class. He served as the deputy general manager and secretary of the party branch of Yunnan Zhensi Ferroalloy Mining Co., Ltd. in 1998. He was the director of Menghai Tea Factory and the deputy secretary of the Party Committee in 1998. He is the chairman of the original Menghai tea industry limited company (now Daoyi Group) General manager. Incumbent Yunnan six Chashan tea industry limited liability company chairman, general manager, Menghai six tea tea tourism investment development limited company chairman, hundred years JunChang number of transmission. She is the member of "2011-2020 Yuncha Industry Development and Rejuvenation Planning Expert Group", is the national tea standard participant in the development of the National Standardization Technical Committee tea Pu'er Tea Working Group Technical Committee, China Tea Circulation Association executive director, Yunnan ethnic tea culture Vice president of Yunnan Tea Association, executive vice president of Yunnan Tea Association, vice president of Kunming Tea Industry Association, the Chinese Tea Association, Yunnan Tea Association, Kunming National Tea Culture Promotion Association .

  She led the Menghai tea factory in 2000 to the whole society launched Menghai tea factory 60 anniversary of the documentary film "Pu'er tea Menghai first", launched Menghai tea factory business song and "60 anniversary of the cake" Pu'er tea, The same year the organization published by the Yunnan well-known writer Lei Pingyang wrote "Pu'er tea" in mind a book, first opened the Pu'er tea book hot atmosphere, in 1999 to Menghai tea factory from the production of black tea green tea-based industrial structure Adjust to the production of Pu-erh tea-based industrial structure, in Guangzhou, Beijing, Kunming, Anxi and other places set up Menghai Office, established Menghai tea factory national tea team, with three years to Menghai tea factory Turned around, the story was shot by the Central Television as a feature film "Hui female Ruan Dianrong - operating art", in the CCTV "Chinese nation" section broadcast. Author of the Beijing Publishing House, said the collection of tea, "the six Dasan", Yunnan People's Publishing House published a personal tea culture monograph "My Humane Pu'er" and the editor of the "Pu'er tea rediscovery." In the "Pu'er pot art", "Chinese tea economic information", "Tea Expo", "Yunnan Pu'er tea", "Lincang Daily", "Banna Daily" and other publications published articles; "Yunnan Daily" There are "tea columns." In 2005, published in the "Yunnan Daily" on the "age of the weight of Pu'er tea," a text selected for the Yunnan Provincial High School Examination. Its entrepreneurial deeds by the Taiwan "New News" magazine, "Hong Kong Commercial Daily" and many other domestic media reports, and as the CCTV "with a river of water," Episode 14 "unique charm" as the Lancang River ---- Mekong River Basin The only domestic female representatives, special about "Yunnan tea business Ruandian Rong start story" by the "business" magazine and the industry known as the "Pu'er tea queen."