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Company Profile

  Yunnan Six-Famous-Tea-Mountain Tea Industry Inc. is an enterprise specialized in production and sale of pu’er tea, black tea and green tea. Established in 2002 and based in Kunming, the capital city of Yunnan Province, the company has established modern tea factories conforming to the food production standards in Yunnan’s main tea producing areas such as Fengqing and Menghai. In addition, it has the ancient tea raw material base of 16,200 mu (1,081 hectares) at Hekai, Xishuangbanna and the organic raw material base of more than 10,000 mu (666.7 hectares) at Chahe, Fengqing County, Lincang, with the annual production capacity of 30,000 tons. The company has established more than 1000 partnerships in over twenty provinces (cities and autonomous regions) throughout China.

  The company obtained National Organic Food Certification in 2004, QS Certification and Exported Food Sanitation Registration Certificate in 2006, ISO 9001 Certification in 2008 and in 2009 obtained the National Organic Food Certification again and the HACCP (a food safety management system certification). The products of the company have won top awards time after time in various appraisal activities at home and abroad. The Brand “Six-Famous-Tea-Mountain” was assessed “the Recommended Brand of Reassuring Tea of 2005 3-green (green consumption, green market and green channel) Project” by China Tea Marketing Association due to the high quality tea products. The company’s trademark is awarded as “the Famous Trademark of Yunnan Province” by Yunnan Administration for Industry and Commerce.

  The company is granted as the “National-level Leading Enterprise of Tea Industry in Poverty Alleviation Program” by the State Council Leading Group Office of Poverty Alleviation and Development, the “National Agricultural Product Processing Demonstration Enterprise” by the Ministry of Agriculture, One of “Top 100 Enterprises in Chinese Tea Industry” by China Tea Marketing Association, the “Excellent Enterprise of Yunnan on Tea Industry Development” by the Government of Yunnan Province and the “Important Taxpayer” by Lincang Municipal Government. The brand “Six-Famous-Tea-Mountain” is recognized as “the Famous Brand of Yunnan”, and pu’er tea of “Six-Famous-Tea-Mountain” is assessed as “Famous-Brand of Yunnan”, and the trademark is assessed as the “Well-Known Trademark” by the National Trademark Administration.

  The company has set up “six-famous-tea-mountain” scholarship and grant-in-aid to award excellent students and aid impoverished students in South China Agricultural University and cooperated with Yunnan University Biology scientific college, Yunnan Tea scientific Research Facility in conducting pu’er tea microorganism germ research. Set up a “Six-Famous-Tea-Mountains” ancient tea Researcher Facility. In addition, the company has established ancient tea research institute in cooperation with Yunnan Tea Research Institute and cooperates with some other colleges and universities such as Yunnan Communication Technician College and Yunnan Agriculture University by such means as joint school running and research project establishment, making painstaking efforts in education.

  For more than ten years, the Six-Tea-Mountain have a response to the society, the company had donated 2,060,000 RMBs during the 1st caravan came to Beijing, Wenchuan Earthquake, Puer Earthquake, Flood of Bishan, Chongqing, and so on. When Ludian has earthquake, the company made a charity sale of 1,000,000 RMBs, and got the “Charity Company” by Yunnan Provincial Committee of the CYL and Shanxi Provincial Committee of the CYL. At the 10-year anniversary celebration, the company set up the “Six-Famous-Tea-Mountains’ Sunny Found” and “Six-Famous-Tea-Mountains Sunset Found”, aims to use for alms for orphans at Hekai Town, the scholarship for Primary school, Middle school, High school, and University, and also the alms for the lonely elderly. At that celebration, the company donated 418,900 RMBs.

  Be honest to the heart, and be honest to others, From the single person to company, Insist the tea ceremony and the business ceremony, this is the combination between tea and persons in “Six-Famous-Tea-Mountains”. The stuff of “Six-Famous-Tea-Mountains” willing to be a hard, honest tea-maker, and wishes gathering the people that love tea, elegance person, feeling the pure sincere and beauty of tea, spreading the huge and honest to tea ceremony.